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CARRA Telehealth webinar and V-pGALS with live demo


PMM wishes to acknowledge the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) and the ongoing Arthritis Foundation financial support of CARRA for making this Power Hour session and recording possible. Any questions about the included content should be directed to CARRA at info@carragroup.org.

The Telehealth Power Hour webinar starts with a review of the literature around telemedicine’s effectiveness and preliminary results from the iPERSONAL study by Steven Balevic. Jon Hausmann discusses the results of his telemedicine survey describing some common barriers faced by physicians and identifying the pGALS as a tool with widespread use. An overview of V-pGALS is given by Helen Foster, outlining how it has been adapted to telemedicine and the current validation status. Kristen Hayward then provides a live demonstration of how to conduct a video pGALS.