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Whether you are looking to learn more about paediatric musculoskeletal problems, or are involved in the care of children, then PMM and PMM-Nursing will help you change your clinical practice for the better. PMM is free and open to all !


Cases are provided here to help you to apply the knowledge discussed in this module. These cases are based on real-life patients encountered in clinical practice and all names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

We describe cases where investigations are:

  • Helpful to confirm or refute diagnoses.
  • Helpful to assess monitoring of disease or medication.

These include:

  • Case 1 - a child with a swollen joint which highlights looking for red flags in the clinical assessment. 
  • Case 2 - a child with generalised aches and pains.
  • Case 3 - a child with delayed walking.
  • Case 4 - a child with joint swelling and lymphadenopathy.