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Whether you are looking to learn more about paediatric musculoskeletal problems, or are involved in the care of children, then PMM and PMM-Nursing will help you change your clinical practice for the better. PMM is free and open to all !

When to refer to paediatric rheumatology

Referral to paediatric rheumatology is warranted in the context of:

  • Suspicion of inflammatory disease (joint or muscle).
  • Suspicion of multisystem disease (e.g., rash suggestive of vasculitis, Raynaud's, uveitis, fever of no apparent cause).
  • Limp that is not resolving. 
  • Swollen joint(s). 
  • Clumsiness (especially if a change in ability). 
  • Back pain.
  • Limb pain. 
  • Joint pain that is not resolving. 
  • School avoidance due to musculoskeletal pain. 
  • Any red flags in relation to the above.

Please do not delay - if concerned refer !

Early diagnosis and treatment initiation does improve clinical outcomes !