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Whether you are looking to learn more about paediatric musculoskeletal problems, or are involved in the care of children, then PMM and PMM-Nursing will help you change your clinical practice for the better. PMM is free and open to all !

Examples of abnormal pGALS

The photograph below shows a 'sausage toe' due to dactylitis (swelling of a digit beyond the margins of a joint, as seen in psoriatic arthritis).

The photograph below shows an abnormal left hindfoot with swelling due to tenosynovitis.

The image below shows a swollen right knee due to inflammatory arthritis 

The image below shows valgus deformity at the knees (knock knee), muscle wasting of the thighs and calves and swelling at the ankles with mid foot deformity - these changes are due to untreated inflammatory arthritis 

The image below shows a scoliosis due to leg length inequality